Oasis Premium Water has started a national campaign to get the citizens of Trinidad & Tobago contributing toward the care and assistance of people with cancer.

The first beneficiary of the project is Vitas House Hospice, a care facility of the Trinidad and Tobago Cancer society that aims to provide help and assistance to terminal patients through special care, support and services provided for free, solely on the basis on donations and sponsorships from individuals and corporations.

Brand Manager of Oasis Water, Nikkita Romain says the campaign was started as an easy way for people to get engaged in being socially responsible. “We can all make a difference,” says Romain, “and many of us have been personally affected by cancer, witnessing the hurt and pain it can leave in its wake.”

“I felt very strongly that the people of Trinidad & Tobago would identify with this cause, and would certainly support us in this fight, and even join us, to help make the country a better place for people who have been through so much heart wrenching difficulty.”

There are two easy ways to join Oasis Water in the fight against Cancer in Trinidad & Tobago.

The first way is with the purchase of any special pink label Oasis 330ml water or Oasis 1.5L water with part proceeds going toward Vitas House Hospice.

The second way is to log on the www.OasisCancerFund.com to donate directly toward the cause. Donations through the Oasis Cancer Fund website can be done from anywhere in the world.

“It’s a step in the right direction, we believe in the goodness of our people, and in their compassion toward our fellow T&T citizens who need us. “

“We thank you all for joining us in the fight.”