First beverage manufacturing company in CARICOM to be awarded the prestigious SQF Level 2 Certification

Through months of rigorous audits, testing, and process mapping, SM Jaleel & Company Ltd (SMJ) is the first company in CARICOM to gain SQF Level 2 Certification.

The Safe Quality Food Institute based in the US, is one of the most trusted and highest regarded sources for global food safety and quality certification. The world’s largest retailers such as Walmart, Target, Publix, Carrefour and Safeway all support this certification.

The Safe Quality Food (SQF) standard certifies that a supplier’s food safety, manufacturing and quality management systems conform to international and domestic food safety regulations. SQF certification is a consumer’s assurance that food and beverage has been produced, processed and handled according to the highest international standards for food quality and safety with stringent systems and safeguards, including HACCP.

As a result of gaining SQF Certification, SM Jaleel & Company Ltd is recognised globally as a manufacturer that upholds the highest level of quality and processes. This achievement demonstrates SMJ’s proficiency as a process-driven company whose high standards deliver consistent quality, productivity, fill volume and food safety.

SM Jaleel & Company Ltd is a global beverage manufacturer with headquarters in Trinidad & Tobago. The company produces juices, carbonated soft drinks, iced tea, energy drinks, water, flavoured waters, milk and flavoured water. Some of SMJ’s well-known brands in the CARICOM region include Chubby, Busta and Fruta.